Sea anemones

Ortiguillas de mar
Chef: Raúl Aleixandre
Country: España
City: 46024 Valencia
Address: Méndez Nuñez, 17
(+34) 963301775

Here is the most important version of sea anemones that we have encountered in haute cuisine. Buttery inside with a crispy exterior and dressed with a light coating, they flood the mouth with a profound flavor of the sea. This breaking wave and the enchantment of its fleeting texture are ratified with the accompaniments: they are placed over a spongy bed of breadcrumbs soaked in clam juice water, which itself exerts an unctuous sauce, finished with a dash of chive oil that encircles the nucleus of the plate. Lime fragrance, adorning vegetables, and arugula flowers to beautify the gastronomic wonder all complete a highly original creation that pays homage to the art of frying and to the torrija, or soaked bread. In short, cleverness mixed with historical perspective.

The Recipe


  • 400g striped venus clams
  • 1 head garlic
  • olive oil
  • one slice water bread
  • arugula flowers
  • chives
  • one lime
  • parsley oil

for the batter

  • 200g flour
  • 5g pressed yeast
  • 200g beer
  • 100g water


Mix all of the ingredients for the batter and allow to rest for 20 minutes.

Line a saucepan with oil
Brown the garlic and add the clams. Cook for 20 minutes, then strain. Reduce by half and save half of the juice.
Place the water bread in a pot and add half of the juice. Heat without allowing it to boil.
Assembly. Coat the sea nettles in the batter and fry in plenty of oil.
Arrange the water bread in a deep dish with a bit of juice from the mollusks.
Top with the nettle and grate a bit of lime on top.
Finish with the arugula flowers and chives and a few drops of parsley oil. Serve.

Battered sea nettles with mollusk juice and water bread